Buy Best Dishwasher- SPT Countertop Dishwasher, Silver

Buy Best Dishwasher- SPT Countertop Dishwasher, Silver

Buy Best Dishwasher- SPT Countertop Dishwasher, Silver make your apartment or office wherever make more user-friendly with this (SPT)Sunpentown. Its Featuring a stainless steel finterior, this silver dishwasher simply attaches to your kitchen faucet, get rid of the need for direct plumbing. This fully-powered dishwasher gives easy-to-use controls and six wash cycles. Interesting design and can be a powerhouse which can provide you with the same cleaning competence as a full-sized dishwasher if used accurately.


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 Buy Best Dishwasher- SPT Countertop Dishwasher, Silver


This the perfect for apartments, any small-sized kitchens  or office kitchens  offers full-size power in a solid design. Height is only 17.24-inch as a result this unit will fit between most countertop and cabinetry. Large cavity loads up to six standard place settings.Easily controlable, durable stainless steel interior and water temperature up to 148-Degree.This can Quick connect to any kitchen faucet reduces the requirment for direct plumbing or permanent installation. Design of those faucets to transmit the water pressure from the main faucet head to the side sprayer.So if you have a side sprayer, you will most likely need to install a water line that is separated from the sprayer.Buy Best Dishwasher- SPT Countertop Dishwasher, Silver since it has the ability to contain a large number of utensils in a small washing area. Also able to fit any countertop space and its interior is made in such a way that it can hold an optimal number of utensils.

SPT  appliance that many consumers will find useful is the SPT countertop dishwasher. This product is not only fine for cleaning dishes, but also  its compact size makes it a great space saver.check-price Amazon

Product Features

Many users might think that a countertop dishwasher does not come with all of the features that would come with a full-sized model. In some cases that might be right, but with this model consumers find a high-quality appliance that does everything a standard dishwasher does.

  • Brand name SPTBuy Best Dishwasher- SPT Countertop Dishwasher, Silver make
  • Model info 2201S
  • Rinse aid dispenser
  • Color:-stylish silver finish
  • Offers automatic detergent dispenser
  • Stainless steel interior
  • TubEnergy Star Qualified
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Fits easily on any standard countertop
  • Dimensions: 17-1/4″ x 21-3/4″ x 19-3/4″ (H x W x D)
  • Comes with 6 washing cycles together with intensive, normal, eco, glass, rapid and 3-in-1
  • Gives quick setup with faucet adaptor
  • Program indicator light
  • Offers heats  water up to 148-degrees
  • Rack spaces for a variety of different dishes
  • Can  holds up to 6 place settings
  • Energy Star approved
  • Weight: 48.5 pounds
  • 1-year limited warranty



Product Dimensions                        21.6 x 19.7 x 17.2 inches

Item Weight                                         48.5 pounds

Brand/Manufacturer                       SPT

Item Model No                                   SD-2201S

Customer Reviews                          2831 (4.5 out 5 stars)



  • Fits easily on your countertop and provides all of the functions of most standard dishwashers.
  • The user doesn’t need to sacrifice functionality to the compact size of the appliance.
  • With 6 programmable wash settings
  • Extremely versatile and with the rinse aid dispenser and efficient heating mechanism, this unit gives great results
  • 6 wash cycles
  • User friendly controls
  • The utensils come out clean within a short time
  • It is quiet and easy to operate
  • automatic detergent and rinse agent dispenser

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  • Small in size , does not have much space
  • The manual does not offer complete information
  • Sometimes you need to load dishwasher more than once


Verdict :

This dishwasher has ability to accommodate a large number of utensils in a small washing area . This is  capable to fit any countertop space .Also its interior is made in such a way that it can hold best possible number of utensils.


So I will strongly recommended Buy Best DishwasherSPT Countertop Dishwasher, Silver .Its modern design adds visual appeal to your kitchen, specially now that most homeowners take on an open kitchen arrangement.this will fit perfectly in the overall design. User friendly and offers dish rack and silverware basket. It merges in easily with all types of decor. No doubt it take the chore of dishes to a new level with this quality made dishwasher.


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